Landscaping North Richland Hills TX

Does landscaping improve the value of the property you own?

The landscaping of your garden can bring many benefits, especially when you have an area of your backyard that isn’t huge, however, one of the biggest advantages is that it could boost property value. home. If you ever watch shows on property, you’ll keep talking about “curb appeal”. It is basically about making your home appear more appealing from the outside, and how better to accomplish this than by having your garden professionally maintained?

Landscapes that are properly maintained including well-planned trees well-groomed plants, patios, and lighting, as well as well-groomed boxes look great. It’s not expensive to anything and can significantly boost the value of your home when it comes time to sell.

How Much?

The million-dollar problem (no-no pun meant) is the first question people have when discussing the rising value of the property. While you cannot give exact figures, however, and we understand that this is the goal of many generally, it is believed that you could receive a return of about 150 percent. This is impressive and could be a huge amount in the event that you have a larger outdoor area.

John Gidding, a US television host, suggested that homeowners invest about 10 percent of the value of their homes in landscaping. When he spoke about the US this idea applies to Australia or to almost any other modern and civilized nation. Okay, we understand that some have the money to invest, but there are plenty of low-cost ways to enhance the value of your property. The addition of color with flowers or mulch instead of having soil that is bare, getting rid of the weeds, and putting in a high-quality artificial turf are all ways to improve the value of your home.

Landscaping on a budget

The first thing people believe is that if they spend less, it will decrease the return on investment, but it does not have to be the situation. In some locations, though it’s not the only one, costly landscaping could turn potential buyers off. They will not be able to look past the extra maintenance cost and the additional work they have to complete or, in addition, they may feel that the landscaping has cost the property off the market.

If you’re planning to sell your home in the near time, we have ideas on what you can accomplish on an income-based budget to boost its value home:

  • Make sure your garden is weed-free with no chemical use
  • Plant some potted plants as well as flowers that bloom near the front door to make a gorgeous entranceway.
  • Make sure you mulch the edges of the lawn to keep it a clean and neat appearance
  • Keep the grass well-mowed and well-watered


The rear of your home is typically the one that isn’t given the respect that it ought to. This can be a huge negative for prospective buyers and may actually cause a major problem. What better way to make your backyard more inviting than paving it to create a patio and include a few strategically placed lights, and perhaps even a walkway? It will make an astonishing magnitude of difference to increase the worth of your home and can make it more attractive to potential buyers.