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Landscape Design Tips

The purpose of landscaping should be to improve the appearance of your garden or any outdoor space. This may sound like an easy idea, however, it comes with the same problems. Even if you’re able to create your own style and ideas, you may often be overwhelmed and not able to think of anything that you believe will add to your garden’s landscape.

Here are some fundamental landscaping design techniques and tips to help you get the vision you’ve set for yourself:

TIP #1 – Curves Add Grace to Your Landscape

Curves add an element of grace to any scene. Eyes can’t resist the urge to follow the curve whatever it takes them to. Imagine it as a method of inviting viewers to gaze and look around what else is available within the gardens. Think about a flower bed that is curved and how it can make the area you are landscaping more attractive. Contact your professional experts at Keller landscaping

TIP #2 – Use the Pooling and Channeling Technique

“The “pooling and channeling” technique is employed to guide the attention of people’s eyes and gaze to a particular area. This technique takes advantage of how people travel through space, swiftly in a small space and slowing down when they are in an area larger.

TIP #3 – Take Advantage of the Principle of Three Depths

The “Principle of Three Depths” has a foreground, background, and middle ground. The middle ground may be unnoticed by some and acts as a barrier between the foreground from the background. Viewers’ eyes are intended to move from one place to the next in the space.

TIP #4 – Use the Long and Straight View

Utilize the straight and long perspective in your favor. This kind of view was intended to help the eye and direct to a conclusion. This kind of view can be used to view in a diagonal direction over your backyard. Also, it could be used to see an upward slope.